We have teamed up with some of our favourite clients to bring to market products and services which will help you get back to the skies.

Customer confidence in safety and sanitation is key to bouncing back quickly and Capilaux is here to help you source exactly what you need.

Check out some of our favourite products below. If you can’t see what you’re looking for Click here to find out if we can source what you need through our professional network.

Cabin Interior Fogging

Full release cans can be safely set off in the cabin between flights to kill 99.99% of bacteria on contact.

No need for scrubbing/rubbing. Just click the can, walk away, return minutes later and you’re good to go.

This is a very popular product but we do have short lead times so get in touch today to learn more about this innovative solution. Very reassuring for passengers and crew.

Sanitiser Spray Can

Avoiding traditional plastic bottles, our spray sanitiser is great for use on hands and surfaces and kills on contact.

We can get the cans printed with your company logo, empowering your brand in a nice takeaway for customers.

We can offer these in the handy 100ml cabin size but we do have 250ml and 500ml options available. 

Hand Sanitiser Wall Mounting Kits

EASA approved hand sanitiser wall mounting kits for cabin interiors offer visible and practical reassurance for customers and crew.

When customers can see the active display and use of sanitising products , it helps to bolster all important customer confidence and will help to encourage bookings from even the most nervous of passengers .  These bottles can also be branded with your own company logo.


Hand Sanitiser Products

Our range of hand sanitiser products include bottles of non-alcohol sanitiser or 70% alcohol in a range of bottle sizes. We also can offer individual hand sanitiser-wipe sachets too for your customers use, something everyone will appreciate when they’re flying post-lockdown. 


Face Masks

Face masks are almost certainties when it comes to what customers will want to see being used in aviation moving forward. These can be used to supply your customers during the flight or your cabin crew to increase confidence and protect everyone on-board.


PPE Welcome Packs

Welcome packs are great to reassure your customers with – can be complimentary or sold on as an ancillary product.

They include a pair of rubber gloves, a face mask, antibacterial wipes and a portion of hand sanitiser and can be customised with your business logo.

We can also provide small face-masks for children with fun artwork included.

Seats Not In Use

‘Seat Not In Use’ Seat-Belt Covers and Anti-Macassar’s for those planning the best possible and practical social distancing techniques by removing middle seats on flights. There’s even the potential to insert cocktail tables across these seats for increased passenger comfort and relaxation.


NHS Approved COVID Testing Kits

NHS APPROVED COVID19 TESTING for pilots and cabin crew before returning to work not only protects staff and customers but could use this safety measure to gain customer confidence when restarting advertising campaigns.


Can't see what you're looking for?

If you are looking to source other items to help you return safely to the skies, get in touch today by clicking here and sharing details of what you’re looking for. We will check our network of suppliers for these products and quote accordingly the best possible pricing.